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  • Website Design / Hosting
  • Marketing
  • Hardware Upgrade and Installation
  • Remote Workstations
  • Desktop Support

While the needs of each client is unique, one need remains the same, "Success". No matter which design company you choose, your website must help you achieve your goals, or it is not successful website. We create user-friendly websites that balance design and content to deliver your message in a format that is both informative and easy to navigate for your viewers.

Website ServicesOur process with each client is simple yet effective as we walk through each step of creating a website together:

  • We assist you in securing a domain name. 
  • We assist in setting up one or many email mailboxes.
  • We assist in creating a logo or color scheme that will show off your organization.
  • When adding content, we work with you in choosing imagery through stock photography or using your own images.
  • We work with you in every aspect of the website creation, beginning through the day the site goes "Live".

Your website is your 24 x 7 employee.  Your website should be able to answer almost any question, or provide a means for someone to easily contact you with any private information you do not wish to put on your website.  We make sure that your website is easy to navigate, can be viewed on all types of devices, and will not only make it easy for a potential client to contact you, but that you have all of the information you need from the client for you to respond accordingly.

Our websites include features such as:

  • Secure Login
  • User Roles
  • Dynamic Content
  • Social Interaction
  • File Uploading/Sharing
  • Blogging
  • Photo Albums
  • Customized Forms
  • much much more.


MarketingWe can assist your organization in your marketing efforts using all of the latest Social Media technologies such as Facebook and Twitter as well as utilizing Mass Email Campaigns.  If your company does not have a Facebook or Twitter account, we will assist in creating and managing one for you.  

We can also assist in the creation of Fliers and/or other handout materials using your images or stock photography to get your message across.

Are your computers running a little slow?  Are the latest software upgrades taking forever to load?  It could be time to upgrade your computer.  Let us take a look at your computer system and help determine if a simple memory upgrade will suffice, or if it is time to purchase a new computer.  We will work with you in choosing the right computer for your present and future needs, set it up for you, and be there for you should you have any questions.

One of the benefits of the internet is available connectivity to your office.  However, not all operating systems will allow you to connect from outside your office.  Let us assist you with options that will allow you to work from home and still access your office computer safely and securely.

Is your computer reporting errors that you don’t understand? Is your web browser not working properly, or not connecting to the internet. Bay Area Technical Assistance will explain what the errors are and if possible, guide you through steps to alleviate the problem quickly, or if necessary schedule an appointment to visit your office and get you back up and running again.