Corinne, The Nicholas Colby Fund® harmonica player for our Harmonicas for Happiness experience, was presented with a certificate for The Prudential Spirit of Community Award. This took place at her school in Walnut Creek, California during a school assembly. Click the Prudential Spirit of Community Award for more information about the program.

The school's principal asked Corinne to say a few words about the harmonica program and Corinne developed a really sweet little speech about Nicholas and The Nicholas Colby Fund®. Read Corrine's acceptance speech:

“I had a friend in preschool named Nicholas Colby Gilbert. He got leukemia at the age of 4 or 5. When he was 6, he died. His parents started a non-profit foundation called The Nicholas Colby Fund, probably to get closer to him. What they do is go into the hospitals and see the kids with cancer. They give the kids what they always wanted, if they can. They are careful to make sure that they never make a promise that they might not be able to keep.

I decided that I wanted to join their foundation, so (along with The Nicholas Colby Fund) I started a program called Harmonicas for Happiness. What I do is I go in to the hospitals, and give each kid a harmonica. I teach them how to play, and show them a couple of songs. I do this because music has always lifted my spirits, and I know that sometimes these kids can get lonely or sad. So I thought that this might brighten their day.”